Every experience is about doing what you love. Away from the crowds. Being true to yourself and your passions. Whether you crave an authentic Kiwi holiday with the kids or a luxurious respite, Lake Wanaka answers your heart’s desire.



Gazing up at the mountains is one thing – soaring above them is something else entirely. When you take to the skies in Lake Wanaka, you are entering a whole new world of adventure. Lush wilderness, gleaming waterways, and a vast expanse of towering peaks stretching all the way to the West Coast of New Zealand – this is your view of Lake Wanaka – where the sky, literally, is your limit!

Scenic Flights into the limitless beauty of Mt Aspiring National Park and to Milford Sound from Wanaka take you deep into the heart of glacier country. Get up close and personal with Mt Aspiring, the ‘Matterhorn of the south’; strap yourself to a beautiful stranger and skydive or paraglide; Learn To Fly; take a spin – literally – with an aerobatic flight; or indulge in the daring romance of aviation’s glory days in a vintage Tiger Moth Biplane. However, you wish to see the sky, Lake Wanaka has an aerial adventure that will blow your mind.




Getting into the great outdoors is easy in Lake Wanaka – and you can ‘get into it’ any way you want! It’s all about exploring at your own pace; explore the land, explore your limits, explore what Lake Wanaka means to you.

Choose from Golf, Horse Treks, Hunting & Fishing, Quad Biking, Rock Climbing, Health & WellbeingShooting or do a Sightseeing Tour of the region on a Photographic tour, a 4WD Farm tour, a Harley Davidson motorcyle tour, a 3-seater cruising trike tour or a wine tour.

Take it easy and relax or go wild – the options are endless, from extreme to serene. See the sights any way you want. Whatever your level of wandering, Lake Wanaka over-delivers awesome – every time you visit.




Visitors to the Lake Wanaka region invariably end up in or on the water. It’s just too tempting! Soak up the sun on a beach all to yourself, or get soaked in adventure. There’s plenty of space for sailing, swimming, jet boating, fishing, and more…the lakes and rivers share the crystal-clear heart of a region inspired by water.

Choose from Jet Boating, Boat Cruises, Kayaking, Fishing, Rafting, Sailing, Canyoning, Watersports and Whitewater Sledging.  Pristine waterways, perfect serenity, and dazzling extremes – it’s impossible not to dive in!